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Dirty Minds

Ksh 2,500
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Dirty Minds

Item Type: Party Game

Description: Unleash your inner comedian with Dirty Minds, the hilarious party game that challenges players to think dirty while speaking clean. Perfect for gatherings with friends or couples' nights, Dirty Minds is guaranteed to generate laughter, innuendos, and endless entertainment. Test your wit and creativity as you decipher riddles with naughty twists, revealing the dirtiest minds among your group.

Functionality: Dirty Minds consists of a deck of cards, each containing a riddle with a seemingly innocent answer that hides a risqué meaning. Players take turns reading the riddles aloud while others try to guess the hidden, naughty meaning. The player with the most correct guesses wins, but the real prize is the laughter and camaraderie shared among friends. it is the World’s cleanest and naughtiest game. The set has 912 naughty clues, 304 squeaky clean answers, four puzzle booklets, and letter cards 

Material: The game is made from durable materials to withstand repeated use. Its compact size makes it easy to bring along to parties or pack for weekend getaways.

On The Go: This boxed book can travel with you anywhere to release the crap and ensure that jokes continue for hours at any party or gathering. Have it with you at the next bachelor or bachelorette party, and be ready to see what paths are taken in people's thoughts.
Party Game: Club with your friends or relatives and observe how the highly suggestive clues take you to the most innocuous of replies, only to realize that there is lots of filth in your head. To win this game, clear your mind from the gutter by collecting all five letter cards to spell ‘dirty’. The perfect gift for every person with a dirty mind in your life.

Ksh 2,500
Ksh 2,898
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