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Dizzy Date

Ksh 3,000
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Dizzy Date

Item Type: Couple's Game

Description: Take date night to dizzying new heights with Dizzy Date, the thrilling couple's game that combines romance, adventure, and a dash of silliness. Perfect for spicing up your relationship and creating unforgettable memories, Dizzy Date challenges you and your partner to complete fun and flirty tasks while under the influence of a playful spin. Whether you're exploring the city or staying in, Dizzy Date is guaranteed to keep the sparks flying.

Functionality: Dizzy Date includes a spinner and a deck of cards, each containing a different date night activity or challenge. Players take turns spinning the wheel and completing the corresponding task, which may range from silly dares to intimate gestures. As you navigate through the challenges together, you'll deepen your connection and create lasting bonds of affection.

Material: Dizzy Date is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. Its compact size makes it easy to bring along on romantic outings or keep handy for spontaneous date nights at home.

Deep questions: Connect with your partner on a much deeper level.
50 Cards: This game has 50 unique and non-repetitive cards.
Conversation Starter: Topics should be regularly discussed to fortify the relationship.
Easy to Play: Just sit around the pack of cards and pick turns to draw from the deck. On your turn, read the card aloud, and then answer the prompt.

Ksh 3,000
Ksh 3,500
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