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Busty pussy ass male masturbator-I bet there was a mature plump woman ever came into your erotic dream. She wasn't as slender as a young girl, but was full of mature women's flirtatious temperament. Goyha sex doll Claudia is that woman in your dream. The torso doll is a down-sized replica of a plump woman, you can slap her fat ass, or knead it so hard that your hands sink into its cheeks, just like making love to a real fat woman.

Real weight 16LB fat but-This butt masturbator doll measures 11.6*7.2 inches with 16LB weight, which is a perfect size and weight to simulate real woman. Most of the weight of the pussy ass masturbator is distributed on the butt cheeks, so it is large and soft. Claudia's hip circumference is 35 inches so that you can grab the waist when you thrust in with long, hard strokes. The sounds of spanking Claudia and the feel of grabbing her behind makes the sex experience more realistic.

Interesting multi-pose interaction-Goyha believes that sex toys are not only a pastime when you are lonely, they can also be your companion. There are many fun sex positions you can try with the Claudia sex doll. First, the Seashell - deeper than missionary, where you can gaze at its labia during penetration. Then Leap frog - go deeper than doggy style. Finally, you can writhe together in Spoons to reach one more mutual climax.

Ksh 7,000
Ksh 8,000
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